Moodle is an Open Source Learning Management System (LMS) developed in PHP. It has become very popular among educators around the world as a tool for creating online dynamic websites for their studentsand for corporate/ internal trainings also. We can implement other features of Moodle such as, discussion forum, assignment submission, grading, instant messenger, online calendar, news, quiz and announcement.We have extensive experience in integrating with third-party systems like Joomla, Drupal that has enabled our clients to sell their courses online. We also provide in- house offline LMS for mobile that helps users to download courses and access them whenever they are offline and synchronize them whenever they become online.

Hire Moodle Developers

Save up to 200% on your programming cost. Hire a dedicated full-time resource from us and insulate yourself from worries of keeping an in-house employee. This also saves you from infrastructural and recruitment commitments.

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